“Women empowerment in the Tunisian energy and environmental sector: what are the next steps to uplift their role?”

According to the Global Gender Gap of 2020, Tunisia achieved the 4th ranking in terms of Gender Parity in the MENA Region. And this, thanks to the progress that has been since Tunisia’s independence. In fact, laws were reformed to advance gender equality and women’s right.

Furthermore, several initiatives have been carried out by the civil community so far to make a valuable change and enhance the role of women.

Despite all these gains, many challenges remain. In fact, although the high total number of graduated women in the energy and environmental sector, their presence in professional life still to be limited to 28% with a high concentration on administrative positions. They continue to be underrepresented at a technical and leadership position and high political levels, as well.

In this context, the Secretariat of the Tunisian Energy Partnership, implemented by the GIZ and mandated by the Tunisian Energy Ministry (MIEM) jointly with the federal Ministry of Economic affairs and Energy (BMWi), decided to carry out a Gender Action Plan to promote the role of women in the sector.

Through this mission, all the existent studies that were conducted to advance the presence of women in the sector have been analyzed. And to well define the current situation, a survey was carried out to interview the most brilliant women in the sector so that we can learn from their initiatives, best practices and recommendations.

Based on the most relevant recommendations gained through these investigations, an action plan has been set up.

Further Information

  • Presentation Gender Action Plan to promote the role of women in the energy sector